Disappearing Glaciers?

As a teacher in the 1970’s I remember discussing the loss of species and habitats . My students commented that  even the invention  of the electric toothbrush may be the start of a slow environmental decline due to over use of energy . Little did I think I would be watching the news of glaciers disappearing at an alarming rate. Take a look at this one in Bolivia, reported on the BBC site


Disappearing glaciers in Bolivia
Disappearing glaciers in Bolivia

Scientists in Bolivia say that one of the country’s most famous glaciers has almost disappeared as a result of climate change.

The Chacaltaya glacier, 5,300m (17,400 ft) up in the Andes, used to be the world’s highest ski run.

But it has been reduced to just a few small pieces of ice.

Many Bolivians on the highland plains, and in two cities, depend on the melting of the glaciers for their water supply during the dry season.

The team of Bolivian scientists started measuring the Chacaltaya glacier in the 1990s. Not long ago they were predicting that it would survive until 2015.

But now it seems, the glacier has melted at a much faster rate than they expected.

Photos taken in the last two weeks show that all that is left of the majestic glacier, which is thought to be 18,000 years old, are a few lumps of ice near the top.

The Chacaltaya glacier in 1996 (left) and today
The Chacaltaya glacier in 1996 (left) and today

Education in environmental awareness and action can support young people when making informed decisions about their future -and can help save the planet!

Students going to school while sea levels rise?
Students going to school while sea levels rise?

What is more worrying that there are stories of disappearing glaciers in Turkey, New Zealand,Tanzania,Alaska and check this on Himalayan glaciers….we should be worried..


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