As more and more ‘hard to reach’ areas are able to access the internet through community based centres, online training can provide real opportunities for building capacity.

training at a distance
training at a distance

Local Livelihoods designs, prepares and delivers training for not-for-profit organisations and public sector bodies. The training ranges from one year accredited training apprenticeship and advisory programmes to one-day introductory seminars. The content covers both standard and innovative subjects relevant to community based economic regeneration. Local Livelihoods uses Training Needs Analysis for assisting clients identify training needs.

The web site itself is well designed and easily navigable which gives confidence to those wanting to learn online. Their philosophy also reminds you that active and participative approaches to learning is the effective route. From their site Local livelihoods  describe their style

Learning StyleThe style moves away from the traditional teacher-student relationship to more involved peer-based learning through an emphasis on teamwork, it is participative and based on action learning through which groups of participants can learn together using their own situations as practical case study. Local Livelihoods brings reason through procedure and method, participants bring reality based on their situation, and workshop exercises and participation leads to new rationality and ways of operating; this is our learning style.

 And what else can they do?  

Local Livelihoods services are focused on the development and social economy sectors and span policy formulation, implementing practical mechanisms, institutional strengthening and capacity building, undertaking studies and providing live software systems for programme and project management.

Worth a look?  


2 Replies to “ONLINE TRAINING”

  1. This is actually great especially the learning style because it gives more importance on the teamwork. Online training are taking more emphasis nowadays, its very convenient and easier. I hope this will really help local livelihoods services. Its a great thing to have this online training service. I also have found a website relating with online training.

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