Deal or no deal? Climate Change -COP15 -day 12

From the cop15 website

COP15 – day 12 roundup

The last day of the UN climate conference in Copenhagen ended with a group of countries including the US and China agreeing a deal which the EU early Saturday described as “not perfect” but “better than no deal”.

Michael von Bülow 19/12/2009 02:10

EU: “The only deal available in Copenhagen”

While the head of China’s climate delegation thought “everyone should be happy”, it was uncertain late Friday night whether the “Copenhagen Accord” agreed by the US, China, South Africa and India would win broader support among countries. Read more

US, China, India and South Africa reach deal

According to a senior Obama administration official the United States, China, India and South Africa have reached a “meaningful agreement” on climate change Friday evening. Read more

New draft for Copenhagen deal

In a newly written draft named the “Copenhagen Accord” a 2010-deadline for reaching a legally binding climate treaty has been dropped, Reuters reported Friday afternoon. Read more

Chávez felt excluded

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez criticized the UN climate conference for “a real lack of transparency”. Read more

EU challenges US and China

The European Union makes clear it is ready to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 levels – if the US and China “do their part”. Read more

Obama: I came here to act

“Our ability to take collective action is in doubt,” US President Barack Obama warned the plenary at COP15. Read more

Brazil ready to provide funding

As the first developing country, Brazil offers to contribute to the finance mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol – if an agreement is reached in Copenhagen Friday, says President Lula. Read more

World leaders in last-minute climate talks

The UN climate talks were in serious disarray Friday, prompting President Barack Obama to upend his schedule and hold close-door talks with 19 other world leaders to work out a last-minute agreement on fighting global warming. Read more

China and India signal progress on transparency

The world’s two largest emerging economies both respond positively to a call from US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. “We are 75 percent underway with a solution,” says Indian minister. Read more


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