Children in a Changing Climate – Lessons from Research and Practice

The CRC specifically extends to children the right to speak about their concerns as well as have these concerns listened to, climate change is already a big concern as they watch their island being affected by rising sea levels , for those children living in small island states. This policy brief ensures the important role for children is discussed and hopefully acted upon:

POLICY BRIEF: Children in a Changing Climate – Lessons from Research and Practice

(Institute of Development Studies)
A new policy brief released by the Institute of Development Studies titled Children in a Changing Climate: Lessons from Research and Practice discusses the role of children as agents for reducing climate and disaster risks within their communities.

Understanding children’s capacity to participate in decision making and take adaptive action on climate change – and their value in this process – is crucial to ensuring fair and equitable adaptation policy and programming. This briefing introduces some of the critical issues and areas of action for children in a changing climate. It captures the learning from research and practice by the Children in a Changing Climate coalition.

There is growing evidence of the ability of children to act as protagonists for action to reduce climate and disaster risks in their communities. Children have a unique perception of these risks, combining external information with their own experiences. They are also able to communicate these perceptions of risk to others to bring about changes in behaviour that will reduce risks and vulnerabilities. An improved understanding of these processes is essential to make policies and programmes sensitive to children’s needs and to create enabling environments for their participation and agency.

For access to the policy brief click here.


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