Global Campaign to End Violence in Schools – PLAN

Ever since the UN secretary general’s study on Violence against Children was published  organisations such as Plan International have been attempting to reduce the fear that many children have when they go to school.

Plan International has released a progress report for the Learn Without Fear Campaign.  Learn Without Fear, a global campaign to protect tens of millions of children from violence and bullying in schools, has made impressive progress in its first year. Plan’s Learn Without Fear campaign was set up to address the fact that cruel and humiliating forms of physical punishment, gender-based violence and bullying are a daily reality for millions of children. Each year, 150 million girls and 73 million boys across the world are subjected to sexual violence, and 20-65 per cent of schoolchildren report being verbally or physically bullied.  At present, almost 90 countries have not yet prohibited corporal punishment in schools.  Plan believes that every child has the right to a safe school environment and envisions a world where children can go to school in safety and learn without fear or threats of violence.

The report highlights a number developments:

  • Legal frameworks are starting to be changed through Plan’s efforts eg in Ecuador and Nicaragua, over 5.5million children are now better protected by law
  • Over 20,000 teachers and other public servants have been trained
  • Over 280,000 children have been involved in campaign activities
  • The governments of 30 countries have invited Plan to work with them to stop school violence
  • Plan has created partnerships with teachers, lawyers, police and others
  • Thousands of schools are benefitting from codes of conduct and improved school policies promoted by Plan
  • 60 countries are working actively on the campaign
  • Plan has contributed new understanding of the issues faced by children by producing 45 different sets of research across 35 countries.

For access to the full report click here.


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