Children’s Rights – policy briefs from Save and also the International Children’s Peace Prize

Save the Children has released new advocacy materials that  can be utilized for a number of different purposes including presentations, meetings, etc.  The new materials include:
Children and Good Governance
Children constitute a third of the global population yet remain invisible in debates about how countries are governed. Save the Children is calling for a focus on children to build more effective states around the world.
Making Children’s Rights A Reality
This brief outlines:

  • What are children’s rights?
  • What progress has been made in the past 20 years?
  • Have we made children’s rights a reality?
  • Why have we not achieved more?
  • What Save the Children is calling for

Improving Accountability for Child Rights – The Need for a New International Mechanism
Twenty years on from the signing of the UNCRC, Save the Children is calling for an international procedure to enable children to directly challenge violations of their rights.
Children and economic growth
Save the Children is calling on governments to recognise the need for growth, equity and poverty reduction to ensure children fully benefit from a country’s economic growth.

And in the same vein, there is a call for nominations for the Children’s Peace Prize –

International Children’s Peace Prize
In February, the nomination round for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2010 officially started. Organizations and governments will be addressed to nominate a child between the age of 12-18 years old, who they think is performing extraordinary efforts to improve or implement children’s rights for themselves and children in their environment.

In still too many countries children’s rights are not at all or only partially recognized and implemented. The fact that there are children who will stand up for these rights and make sure that they are upheld is very important. The Children’s Peace Prize gives these children a platform to speak and is a recognition for their work. Therefore, KidsRights calls out to everyone worldwide to nominate a child who would deserve the International Children’s Peace Prize.

The deadline for sending in the nomination form is April 1, 2010.

For more information and access to the nomination form click here.


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