INEE Multimedia Week and Resource Collection Launch

INEE is launching  a new section of their website focusing on Multimedia Resources!  Here you will be able to find multimedia resources including videos and podcasts on a range of topics relevant to the network.

Multimedia week will highlight 5 main themes and each day INEE will be posting a few resources on a particular theme:

  • Monday: Education in Crisis – A Human Right
  • Tuesday: Education under Attack
  • Wednesday: Recovery through Education
  • Thursday: Gender Equality in and through Education
  • Friday: Disaster Risk Reduction

Monday’s resources can be viewed  here,


Resource Highlights
Educating Girls and Empowering Women: Gender and Post-Conflict Educational Reform in Afghanistan.Increasing access to school for girls is an important first step in making a society more equitable; this paper argues for the need to go beyond access alone to explore the role of education in actually improving the status of girls and women in the war-torn nation of Afghanistan. This paper was a finalist in the Jackie Kirk Commemorative Competition 2009. Jamie Vinson, 2009

Click here to visit the INEE Gender Task Team webpage

Keep checking for the rest of the themes or go straight here

and the final results? See below:

This week saw a breadth of issues and resources featured, with contributions from organisations including UNICEF, Save the Children, Teacher’s TV and Plan International:

  • Monday: Education in Crisis – A Human Right Audio Video
  • Tuesday: Education under Attack Audio Video
  • Wednesday: Gender Equality in and through Education Audio Video
  • Thursday: Disaster Risk Reduction Audio Video
  • Friday: Recovery through Education Audio Video

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