Equity and Inclusion in Education – A Guide to Support Education Sector Plan Preparation, Revision, and Appraisal

From the new INEE newsletter comes this  new guide on the integration of equity and inclusion issues in education. It is well presented and very practical:

This guide is a joint product of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative, the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team on Education, the Global Task Force on Child Labour and EFA, the EFA Flagship on the Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities, and the EFA FTI Secretariat. It was developed to support the integration of equity and inclusion issues in education sector plans while they are developed, revised or appraised. It promotes a more comprehensive and evidence-based approach to providing equitable education, which is at the heart of Education for All.  This guide is designed primarily for use by local education groups, specifically governments. It can also be used to foster dialogue and the planning process among other stakeholders, including civil society organizations (CSOs) and communities. The guide complements existing knowledge products from the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA FTI) (annex 1) but focuses on disadvantaged children in society and their right to education.

For access to the full report click here.

Getting Girls into School: A Development Benefit for All

Author/Publisher: INEE
Language: English

Download: English

A disproportionate number of girls remain out of schools in many developing countries. Evidence shows there is a need for ‘gender-targeted’ programs. Such targeted programs may be financial incentives – which a number have studies have found to be effective – or female-friendly schools, for which the evidence base is weak.


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