Global Monitoring Report 2010 – The MDGs After the Crisis

Well there are many excuses, from many corners of the world, why countries cannot prioritise and reach the many children who are not yet in school,let alone improve the quality of education when they get there. Arms sales still seem to rise but education budgets get hit because of the ‘economic crisis’.

Here is some more info on that topic:

Global Monitoring Report 2010 – The MDGs After the Crisis

The global economic crisis has slowed the pace of poverty reduction in developing countries, and is hampering progress toward the other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), says a new report from the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund. The crisis is having an impact in several key areas of the MDGs, including those related to hunger, child and maternal health, gender equality, access to clean water, and disease control and will continue to affect development prospects well beyond 2015.  According to the report, despite the economic crisis, universal primary education is within reach and gender parity is close at the primary level.  However, beyond primary education, gender parity is weak.

To download the report click here.


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