Participation Handbook for Aid Workers

In terms of training and capacity building learning through participation is the key approach. Once you have accepted that ,then trainers and others working with capacity building ask the question -but how? What techniques are available?How do I encourage participation?

INEE has posted some new resources,particularly for aid workers,but can of course be adapted to any situation where empowerment through active participation is necessary.

Groupe URD (Urgence, Rehabilitation, Développement) is pleased to announce the launch of a book:
“Participation Handbook for humanitarian field workers” – Involving crisis-affected people in a humanitarian response). Groupe URD is a research, evaluation and training institute whose area of expertise is humanitarian action and post-crisis reconstruction. They aim to address numerous theoretical and operational challenges faced by the aid sector in crisis and post-crisis contexts to help improve practices and improve the situation of people affected by crisis. In order to develop a tool that responded to the specific needs of humanitarian actors, ALNAPfacilitated the Global Study on Consultation and Participation of Disaster-affected Populations, which was carried out by Groupe URD. An initial version of this manual was tested by different local and international organizations in a variety of countries. The lessons learned have been incorporated into this revised version. The Participation Handbook for humanitarian field workers contains detailed practical advice on the participation of affected people in humanitarian action. It is comprised of three sections:   1. Developing a participatory approach (main issues, key factors, building mutual respect,     communication methods and advice on reviewing your approach);
2. Implementing your participatory approach at every stage of the project cycle (initial assessment,     project design, implementation, monitoring and final evaluation);
3. A list of tools and additional resources (books, internet sites, etc.).
To order hard copies or to download copies for free please go to the URD website here.


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