Violence Against Children – Global Spotlight

INEE write about a new report from IRIN on violence against children. This topic has been hidden for too long and since the UN study governments have been challenged and brought to account in light of their signing of the CRC

UNICEF Achinto

Download the study here:

IRIN report :

Between 133 million and 275 million children experience violence at home every year, most of whom live in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, according to the 2006 UN Study on Violence against Children. After her first year in the job, the UN Special Representative on Violence against Children, Marta Santos Pais, told IRIN her major achievement has been to bring violence against children out into the open. Marta Santo Pais will continue on to pursue four priorities in the next two years: to see legislation prohibiting all forms of violence against children passed in more countries; gather more data on violence against children; set up better counselling networks for child victims of violence; and push all governments to follow the plan to eliminate violence against children set out in 2006.

unicef Lemoyne

To learn more about these goals and priorites, click here.


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