Child Friendly Schools – Rising Voices

Child friendly schools have been around for some time and there are many variations in the interpretation of what is child friendly depending on local conditions, so it is useful to see case studies of various forms of implementation.

UNICEF has  just released a series of documentaries on Child-Friendly Schools called Rising Voices.


This series features six documentary films focusing on the personal stories of students in different countries and contexts in which child-friendly school policies are being implemented. The individual films were shot across the world, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Egypt, Ghana, Nicaragua and the Sudan. The purpose of the series is to show the depth and breadth of the impact of child-friendly schools, as they have spread across 90 countries since their inception.

Among other distributors, UNICEF has been working with Link TV, who has launched – the next generation Web site that uses the power of video to tell stories about real people and progress in global development. features the entire Rising Voices series.

CFS Sudan

Rising Voices: Moving Forward, from Sudan
Rising Voices: Hope on the Mekong, from Cambodia
Rising Voices: Raising Yusriya, from Egypt
Rising Voices: Dreams for my Daughter, from Ghana
Rising Voices: Coming Together, from Bosnia
Rising Voices: The Flowing River, from Nicaragua

For more information on child-friendly schools and for short two minute advocacy videos based on this series, please visit UNICEF’s child-friendly schools portal:



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