Education and Fragility -case studies


The INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility continues to advance the Situational Analyses of
Education and Fragility, a major research project designed to strengthen the evidence base on how
education can both contribute to fragility as well as serve to build resilience in fragile situations. For
the Situational Analyses, the Working Group commissioned four country case studies – or analyses
of “situations of fragility” – Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia and Liberia. A synthesis
report will bring together the findings of the case studies to generate recommendations for policy and

Release of the Desk Study Situational Analysis of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Although not widely considered a ‘fragile state’ by the international donor community, Bosnia-
Herzegovina nevertheless remains fragile due to internal and regional political insecurity. The current
political stagnation and absence of social trust in Bosnia and Herzegovina are due in no small part to
ongoing disagreement about the country’s identity and future. Such disagreement has implications for
the education of the country’s children and young people. It has been argued that the manner in which education was delivered after the 1992-1995 war, despite the Dayton Peace Agreement, supported the conflicting agendas of the three constituent peoples by stereotyping and perpetuating divisive histories, language and identities.

The desk study on Bosnia-Herzegovina – a joint publication of INEE, IIEP/UNESCO and the University of Ulster – explores various aspects of education in the post-war period and how education impacts on the context of fragility. The study highlights some specific lessons learned for educational planning in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

To access the study, click here.

Case Studies on Afghanistan, Cambodia and Liberia
The Afghanistan case study report was released in 2009 and is available here.

The Cambodia and Liberia case studies are currently in publication and will be available in late 2010 or early 2011.

Understanding Education’s Role in Fragility: Synthesis of Four Situational Analyses of Education and Fragility

The INEE synthesis report on the four case studies – Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia
and Liberia – will draw parallels across the studies on the complex relationship between education and fragility. Through comparisons guided by various analytic frameworks, the synthesis report will generate insights and recommendations for policy and programming, as well as identify possible areas for further research. The report is currently being finalized and should be available in early 2011.

More information on the situational analyses of education and fragility can be found here.

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