Learning About Schools in Development

INEE has included this interesting paper in its latest newsletter:

Charles Kenny, Center for Global Development)

There has been considerable progress in school construction and enrollment worldwide. Nonetheless, the quality of education appears very poor across the developing world, limiting development impact. Thus we should measure and promote learning not schooling. Conditional cash transfers to students on the basis of attendance and scores, school choice, decentralization combined with published test results, and teacher pay based on attendance and performance may help. But learning outcomes are primarily affected by the broader environment in which students live, suggesting a learning agenda that stretches far beyond education ministries.

This essay briefly discusses a number of links in the chain between school construction and improvements in the quality of life -between construction and enrollment, between enrollment and learning, and between schooling and both economic growth and health outcomes.

To learn more about the methods used in this paper and to download the full report, clickhere.



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