Promoting Rights in Schools – a new report

INEE has posted the following in its latest newsletter

(ActionAid and The Right to Education Project)

The Right to Education Project and ActionAid has launched the Promoting Rights in Schools: providing quality public education (PRS) resource pack. Aimed at actively engaging parents, children, teachers, unions, communities and local civil society organisations in collectively monitoring and improving the quality of public education, PRS offers a set of practical tools that can be used as a basis for mobilisation, advocacy and campaigning. It stresses the importance of non-discrimination and disaster risk resilience, and should be equally applied to emergency settings.


It is a charter of 10 rights and a participatory methodology for using this charter; it is a series of education- and rights-based indicators organised in a survey format to enable users to capture information in a systematic manner; finally it is a compilation of the key international human rights references.


To read the report in English, click here.

To see the poster in English, click here.


To read the report in French, click here.

To see the poster in French, click here.



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