Children’s participation – engagement in children’s parliaments

In all my education work I have attempted to engage students more, to provide opportunities for students to develop skills so that they can participate more effectively and be more independent learners. One of the reasons I was particularly interested in the Escuela Nueva (EN)  education model was the prominence of the student government. In Colombia, students in EN schools will be fully involved in the management of the school and all relevant decisions. So Student Parliaments are the next obvious steps to develop leadership , communication ,cooperation, decision making and participation skills. The reference below is for a new handbook on child participation in parliament:


This handbook, a collaborative effort of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNICEF, addresses some of the key ways in which parliamentarians can guarantee that children’s voices, concerns and interests find expression in and are taken into account by parliaments. It aims to provide parliamentarians with information on a variety of effective mechanisms to ensure that children’s participation in parliaments is meaningful, reflects the voices of the most marginalized and contributes to policies, laws and budgets that will help correct the disparities and inequities that afflict the world’s children.

This publication can be ordered from the IPU Secretariat.

Year of publication: 2011
Languages: English and French


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