An Experience of Capacity Development on Education in Emergencies from Lesotho – UNICEF

From the INEE newsletter:

In 2009, the UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) launched a

strategy for national capacity development in partnership with Save the Children under the aegis

of the IASC Education Cluster. The objective was to  build and strengthen sustainable national

emergency preparedness and response capacity in the education sector in ESAR holistically and

strategically, by supporting national authorities at all levels.


A first step in achieving this objective is  training of  frontline responders from Ministries of

Education and other authorities from national, provincial and district levels, and key education

actors. A training package was devised which centres on practical and technical components of

education in emergencies including contingency planning and preparedness processes to mitigate

the impact of disasters on schools and learners. A key focus on disaster risk reduction (DRR) in

countries and localities experiencing recurrent emergencies such as floods, cyclones and drought

has also been incorporated.
The full report is available here


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