Youth in Rwanda and Burundi: Contrasting Visions

In some ways ‘youth’ often miss out. Internationally, the main focus in recent times has been on basic education with early childhood care and development coming in second. Youth are more difficult , maybe more rebellious or sometimes too passive. It is time to nurture young people, particularly as many will have missed out on their childhood due to war or poverty.

Youth in Rwanda and Burundi: Contrasting Visions

This report compares the results of parallel research projects carried out among impoverished, non-elite youth in postconflict Rwanda and Burundi. Arguing that the plight and priorities of non-elite youth should be of serious national and international concern, particularly in countries that have unusually youthful populations that are overwhelmingly poor and undereducated, it finds striking differences between the groups, with a significantly bleaker picture for youth in Rwanda.

The full report is available here


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