World Day of Social Justice – 20th February

“Social justice is more than an ethical imperative, it is a foundation for national stability and global prosperity. Equal opportunity, solidarity and respect for human rights — these are essential to unlocking the full productive potential of nations and peoples..”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The World Day of Social Justice is held on February 20 and aims to promote poverty eradication and social integration. Established by the United Nations and first observed in 2009, it also focuses on the goal of achieving full employment.

Participating governments have made a commitment to the creation of a framework for action to promote social justice at national, regional and international levels. They recognize that economic growth should promote equity and social justice and that “a society for all” must be based on social justice and respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

How it all began – in 2009

Some activities of students on the World Day of Social Justice

And news about the Social Justice Youth Forum -in Australia


and here is a reference to the role of the United Nations in Social Justice



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