THE WHOLE CHILD – excerpts from the ASCD virtual conference

Many educators may subscribe to the fact that their aim is to educate the ‘whole child’ -but in practical terms -how do you do it?

Many will already know the high quality of resources and discussions facilitated by ASCD . Their virtual conference opens up discussion to a global audience and if you missed it have generously uploaded many of the sessions and resources in relation to their latest conference entitled:

Moving from Implementation to Sustainability to Culture

From May 3–11, 2012, ASCD conducted its second annual Whole Child Virtual Conference. This free online event explores what outstanding schools, communities, and individuals have done as they move along the continuum of the whole child approach from implementation to sustainability to culture.

Many schools may be in the process of implementing a program or a new process to support a whole child approach. Other schools may be looking at how to sustain what has already been achieved or developed. Others still may now be looking at how to integrate a whole child approach into their cultures so that it becomes an integral part of what they do and who they are as a school and a community.

Here are some excerpts and links:

Archived Sessions 

Archived session recordings and presenter handouts are below,

Monday, May 7

Tuesday, May 8

Wednesday, May 9

Thursday, May 10

Friday, May 11


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