RIO+20 – action?

There is a lot of behind the scenes activity going on in preparation for the Rio+ 20 Earth Summit, so perhaps we should widen the participation and do something ourselves.Here are some ideas from  the TckTckTck newsletter  :

It’s only a few short weeks before the Rio Earth Summit, where world leaders will gather in Brazil to decide the future of our planet. But what kind of future will it be? Will it be one where resources like food, water and energy are scarce? Or will it be a world with clean air, clean water, affordable resources and abundant jobs for everyone?
Will the future we want include a global agreement to reduce fossil fuel emissions and protect the most vulnerable nations from the severe impacts of climate change? We believe there is a way forward, but it requires bold action without delay. More than ever, it is time for our leaders to lead.
Together with our partners, the TckTckTck team has worked hard to create opportunities for you to participate in Rio+20 and to let the world’s leaders know about the Future We Want. Wherever you are in the world right now, here are a few ways you can make your voice heard in advance of this historic gathering:
  • A  Date with History:  After a global search with hundreds of video entries and thousands of online votes, a diverse jury selected 17-year-old Brittany Trilford of Wellington, New Zealand to deliver a three minute speech at the Rio Earth Summit. Follow her journey to Rio and send her a message of support. Send a Message >>
  • Elders + Youngers:  The Elders — esteemed thought leaders including Desmond Tutu, Gro Brundtland, Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Mary Robinson — have joined four young activists to discuss new ways of taking on the most urgent issues facing our world today.  Join the discussion >>
  • Stop Polluter Payouts:  One thing is certain — unless we stop government aid to wealthy fossil fuel corporations (an estimated $630 Billion in 2011 alone) and start providing desperately needed funds for accessible, clean energy we will never achieve a sustainable future. 750,000 people worldwide have signed the petition to end these subsidies. Add Your Name >>
  • Our Future Earth:  A collaborative initiative sponsored by TckTckTck in cooperation with over 20 NGO’s from around the world, Our Future Earth provides slideshows on the core issues around sustainable development — Food, Water, Energy, Jobs — and ways you can take action on these key issues. Explore Now >>
  • Rio+20 News Hub: > The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) officially begins on 20 June, but there are many events leading up to the summit and now you can follow all the latest news on the road to Rio and beyond. Read More >>

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