Vote on Rio+20 Priorities

The Rio+20 Dialogues have reached the stage where citizens of the world get to vote for the top priorities in the sustainable development agenda. The popular votes will inform the recommendations for sustainable development that are presented to the heads of state at the Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro at the end of June.
Among the top 100 recommendations, there are several education-related recommendations that you can support with your vote. See below for our suggestions of the recommendations to vote for, and feel free to vote for others as you wish. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons on the Rio+20 Dialogues site.
Be quick, voting closes June 15th 2012.
Sustainable Cities and Innovation
  • Promote opportunities for direct dialogues among government, citizens, enterprises, NGOs, and schools.
  • Cities and schools should develop networks to learn and work together toward sustainable development.
  • Improve water and sanitation facilities to ensure the education of children
Unemployment, Decent Work, and Migrations
  • Create a strategy for jobs and employment leveraging the green economy for investment, training, and retraining for employability.
  • Put education in the core of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda.
  • Improve human capital by promoting access to health, including reproductive health, investment in education, and empowerment of women.
Sustainable Development for Fighting Poverty
  • Promote global education to eradicate poverty and to achieve sustainable development.
Sustainable Development as an Answer to the Economic and Financial Crisis
  • Educate future leaders about sustainable development.

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