Political Violence and Intimidation Against Teachers in Zimbabwe

Having been a teacher myself, but only been threatened by drunk parents or wayward adolescents,it is difficult to comprehend the pressure that many teachers are put under, just for doing their job.

In Northern Tanzania teachers can be threatened just for trying to help girls achieve well at the end of their primary years (parents want to get them married early). In Colombia teachers in some areas have risked their lives to teach in Escuela Nueva schools where they are in the middle of battles between FARC and the military. In Afghanistan teachers may be killed for encouraging girls to attend school. The report below outlines the sort of intimidation that teachers in Zimbabwe have been subject to:


Political Violence and Intimidation Against Teachers in Zimbabwe ((Research and Advocacy Unit)

This report is a follow-up of a report published earlier in February titled, “Every School has a Story to Tell: Teachers experience with elections in Zimbabwe”. Whilst the first report is largely given in summary form, recording the violations that teachers have experienced since 2000, this present report gives deeper understanding to the violations and puts them in a global perspective. The report feeds into a broad campaign to promote the Right to Education by calling for the criminalisation of attacks on education and educational institutions. The report bridges the gap and provides knowledge of the existence and extent of attacks on education in Zimbabwe.


The full report is available here


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