Education in Emergency Advocacy Videos on Niger

Two videos have been posted by INEE  in their recent newsletter:

(note : on the you tube title it says Nigeria not Niger -clerical error)

Education in Emergency Advocacy Videos on Niger

(Education Cluster Unit)

We are pleased to share with you a video from our Education Cluster Coordinator in Niger, Annelies Ollieuz. In Niger nearly 50,000 children left schools this year due to reasons linked to the food crisis. Many are forced to leave schools as their parents migrate from villages to towns in search of work. ‘We need to put these children back to school urgently or they may never return’ says Annelies Ollieuz.  There are another 400,00 more children in areas badly by the food crisis and if timely action is not taken they are also at risk of dropping out of school. This video is a great tool to advocate for Education in Emergencies in Niger, please use it and share it far and wide.

More videos on education in emergencies in Niger were developed by UNICEF and are available here.

Mugunga III CFS Education en urgence


This video shows education in emergencies in the IDP site of Mugunga III, in the outskirts of Goma, capital of North Kivu, eastern DRC. Please note that the video is in French.

To watch this video, click here


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