Always worth being optimistic!

From  the INEE newsletter:

Peace One Day – Global Truce 2012
Peace One Day
The impact of a day of global ceasefire and non-violence cannot be underestimated. Peace Day 21 September is an annual opportunity for NGOs to draw attention to their ongoing peacebuilding and life-saving activities within a global context. To support the Global Truce 2012 campaign, Peace One Day has partnered with Interpeace, one of the world’s largest peace-building NGOs, to bring together a coalition of NGOs worldwide that are committed to marking Peace Day 21 September 2012 through their work.Over 200 organisations from around the world — including INEE — have already joined the Global Truce 2012 NGO Coalition, and will be carrying out activities in more than 100 countries on Peace Day. The growth of this coalition has been remarkable, and the potential impact we can make together is clearly extraordinary.

Together we can decrease the level of violence, raise awareness of our activities and save lives around the world.

For more information, click here.




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