Education for Global Citizenship

Having been involved in global education and human rights education for a few decades, it is frustrating to see school curricular having to squeeze out key areas of knowledge and skills which help young people to be more adaptable, tolerant and problem solvers. These key areas do not have to be discreet subjects but should be infused across the curriculum to inoculate young people for the future.

Education for Global Citizenship
(Margaret Sinclair; Education Above All)

It is difficult to watch a bulletin of world news without concluding that there is a need for much improved education to prepare people worldwide to address the numerous problems confronting humanity at this time. Citizenship education aims to prepare students to play an active and positive role in their dealings with school, family, society and globally.

Unfortunately, school curricula often contribute to the tensions underlying civil conflict. The book gives examples of initiatives to build competencies for local, national and global citizenship, including respect for diversity –a critical need in many post-conflict countries and fragile states.

Analysis indicates that serious and sustainable initiatives in this field should be:

  • Embedded in policy, with wide stakeholder buy-in;
  • Long term and sustainable;
  • Holistic, including the various sub-topics in a systematic way;
  • Reinforced in each year of schooling and preferably in the wider society;
  • Covering the local, national and global dimensions;
  • Supported by pre-service and continuing in-service training of teachers;
  • Developed and sustained in collaboration with local communities;
  • Scalable with maintenance of quality;
  • With feedback from monitoring and evaluation processes;
  • Based on collaborative arrangements that ensure expertise over the longer term;
  • With provision for periodic review and renewal.

To access the publication, click here.


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