The power of WE in education – blog action day 2012

Why are teachers all over the world wasting their precious time?

They have been given an impossible task -they are teaching for the future with a curriculum and tools that are trapped in the past.

They find it difficult to change as they have been taught in the same way -when they themselves were in school and then been lectured at during college – with little experience of real active, challenging,reflective,  learner centred activities.

So what should be in the curriculum for the future?

When working with nomadic families in Chad I asked them what they needed for their children  to learn in school?

They replied -their children needed to learn how to look after their animals and to know their rights. Were they offered either in school – no!

For children to understand and thrive in whatever future they will inhabit (and we don’t know enough about this so how can we plan a future proofed curriculum?) they will need to know about their environment  and health.

Tools of learning of maths, science and language will develop as we use the content vehicle of environment and health.

WE all need to know and understand about our environment and health – this power of WE is about learning and working together to have flexible and critical minds so as to deal with whatever issues arise during the near future.

Both these areas of learning, environment and health have so often been relegated to an odd lesson on a Friday afternoon -never core subjects -yet they inform young people on how to look after and take responsibility  for themselves, their community and their planet.

More to add to this post during our Blog Action Day.


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