Building a culture of resilience

Resilience , as a term used in education, has been around some time, but now it is becoming a more broadly used term –

explore more by reading the report:

Building a Culture of Resilience
In late 2011/early 2012, the UNICEF Regional Office (ESARO) conducted an evaluation of the capacity building training and institutionalisation programme undertaken in the Eastern and Southern Africa region since 2009 with its partner organization, Save the Children (SC). The national capacity development was a component of the global Education in Emergencies and Post-crisis Transition (EEPCT) Programme funded by the Government of the Netherlands and the European Commission. This evaluation sought to assess the knowledge and practices of the training participants in order to provide a comprehensive account of the impact of the UNICEF/SC capacity building strategy. It also explored the level of institutionalisation of EPR/DRR practices into education sector policy and planning at the national and sub-national levels. Finally, capacity gaps and challenges to institutionalisation efforts were identified, principal lessons learned were outlined, and corresponding mitigating actions were recommended.To read the full report, click here.

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