Teacher Professional Development in Crisis

Anyone who has taught and also trained realises that one off workshops rarely have any impact. Luckily we are now in a position to question  this model and  consider a wide variety of alternative ways of learning.

Get engaged…..



Teacher Professional Development in Crisis. This discussion series addresses the poor quality of professional development provided to many teachers across the globe. It will include guest contributions by internationally recognized experts, practitioners, teachers and specialists in professional development from Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States, and the Middle East.The goal of this forum is to gather promising ideas and practices to initiate a body of knowledge and consensus of “what works”. This information may be useful to those who design, fund, and implement teacher professional development programs—particularly in the most fragile and under-resourced locations.

Each Monday (for 12 weeks from February to April) a guest author will post on a specific issue related to teacher professional development. The online post will then be open for your personal views and responses, and for participation in the ensuing discussions. The first discussion, entitled Teacher Professional Development in Crisis – How can we begin to move forward? is now open.


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