INEE – Training and capacity development

The tireless staff of INEE continue to develop training materials that challenge and innovate:

INEE-Education Cluster Training Module: Gender Responsive Education

The INEE-Education Cluster Training Package contains a module on Gender Responsive Education, which includes PowerPoint presentations, a facilitators guide, supplementary materials, handouts, and the INEE Gender Case Study Template.  At the end of the training session, participants will be able to: (1) explain what is meant by gender-responsive education; (2) reflect on the challenges and identify best practices; (3) use the ADAPT and ACT Collectively Framework to mainstream gender; and (4) develop gender-responsive strategies supported by the INEE Minimum Standards.

Based on the guidance found in the INEE Pocket Guide to Gender and in the INEE Minimum Standards, this module encourages participants to reflect on strategies to ensure education activities meet the needs of boys, girls, men and women.

For more information on training and capacity development, contact Tzvetomira Laub


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