Ending the Hidden Exclusion: Learning and Equity in Education Post-2015

Even before the realisation that EFA and the MDGs may not be fully achieved much of the discussion is focussed on what should be the priorities after 2015. Equity is an important issue…

Report: Ending the Hidden Exclusion: Learning and Equity in Education Post-2015
Save the Children

On April 18th Save the Children launched its report “Ending the hidden exclusion: Learning and equity in education post-2015” which aims at providing an ambitious framework for education development goals post-2015. The report includes a section on challenges for education in humanitarian emergencies. The last decade has witnessed enormous progress in expanding access to education worldwide, but 61 million primary-school aged children are still denied the opportunity to learn. The report urges the international community to finish the job on ensuring access to education for all children. But it also highlights the need to shift the focus on the next big challenge: ensuring that all children are both in school and learning. Millions of children suffer from a “hidden exclusion”. They may appear to be included – they are in school. But in reality, they are learning little or nothing.

The report explores a number of these new trends which have particular consequences for education post-2015, one of these trends being the impact of humanitarian emergencies on education. To ensure millions of children affected by humanitarian emergencies are able to access a good quality education the humanitarian community and countries affected will need to plan efficiently, adopt innovative approaches and ensure education is adequately financed so that learning happens in very context.

To Download full report, please click here.
To Download executive summary, please click here.


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