More on Post-2015 Agendas

The INEE newsletter keeps us up to date with news on the discussions centred around  post 2015 agendas. TVET often is a ‘Cinderella’ area but in this report it takes precedence:

Latest Working Papers: Post-2015 Agendas: Northern Tsunami, Southern Ripple? The Case Of Education And Skills
Network for Policy Research, Review and Advice on Education and Training

NORRAG carried out an analysis of what looked like the gathering storm of proposals around education and skills in the post-2015 development agendas back in August 2012 (King and Palmer, 2012).

In this new occasional paper, NORRAG revisit the architecture of the post-2015 movement, paying particular attention to the role of the South in post-2015 debates; and the role of ‘Skills Development’ or ‘TVET’ in the Education and Skills debate. But with a battery of different levels of meetings and consultations, from local, to national, regional to international, how is it possible to contribute effectively to the debate? So another dimension of this paper analyses the route map itself, and explores the process whereby any goals or targets for new development agendas might be established, and what are the key meetings that could determine this process.

A particular education challenge in this mapping of the landscape is that there are currently three processes for proposing an education dimension of post-2015 framework: a post-MDG process, a post-EFA process and an SDG-process.

To download the full paper, please visit the website.


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