School Failure Affects More than 3.5 Million Children and Adolescents in Central America

We have come a long way in getting more children into school but quality is still a distant goal -why drag children to school to be abused through corporal punishment and end up repating, dropping out and losing interest in learning for ever? School failure is a good title as schools are still failing children.

Report: School Failure Affects More than 3.5 Million Children and Adolescents in Central America


School failure affects more than 3.5 million children and adolescents Central America. Finishing School in Central America: the pending challenges, a report launched by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Central American Educational and Cultural Coordination of Central American Integration System (CECC / SICA) is based on official statistics of the educational systems of Belize and the Dominican Republic. Great progress has been made in enrollment: almost all children and adolescents between 8 and 11 years attend school. However, there are many schoolchildren who still do not attend school and many teens who have already left it. More than 700,000 children and adolescents in primary school or secondary school age who are outside of school. Besides, there are 200,000 preschool-age children who are not attending this level. 

To read the full story, please visit the website.
To download a copy of the executive summary of this report, please click here.


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