Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Education and Professional Development Programmes

Teaching is demanding at the best of times and the future needs of learners is difficult to predict but certainly will bring more complexity to teaching and learning. Teacher trainers must look ahead if they are to prepare the generation of teachers.


Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Education and Professional Development Programmes


Institute of Education, University of London

We recognise that there are real challenges facing teacher education in India and that re- writing and re-working teacher training curricula is only one step in a difficult reform process. For example, we refer at the end of this document to another challenge facing teacher training, that of up-skilling or capacity-building and this clearly requires more than a rewriting or re-working of the curriculum document to which the teacher trainer works. Any teacher-trainer will always find it difficult to meet all the pressures that are placed on them in the delivery of a programme, and further to this, a curriculum is a framework and this requires complex choices to be made by the teacher trainer during delivery.

There is much to praise in the coherence of the vision displayed in the curricula we examined, as there is in the National Curriculum Framework for Teaching Education (National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi, 2009/2010) and other important government documents. However, we concentrated in this document on missing elements and areas of improvement in the published curriculum frameworks; whilst at the same time being fully aware of many of the strengths of current programmes.

To download the productive practice report, please click here.
To download the Strategic Document Focusing on Published Teacher Training Curricula, please clickhere.


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