Ending the Hidden Exclusion

While working in Inclusive Education half of the time we are concerned about those in school but are not learning -they may be disadvantaged because their mother tongue is not the same as the language of instruction, they may be living in poverty and have no school uniform or pens and notebooks, they may be infected or affected by HIV/AIDS ; thus there are many reasons for children to be excluded from education opportunities. This new report highlights some of the facts behind why some children fail.

Ending the Hidden Exclusion

Save The Children

Millions of children suffer from a ‘hidden exclusion’ from education. They may appear to be included – they are in school. But in reality, they are learning little or nothing.

What’s more, the poorest and most marginalized children are often most likely to be failed by poor-quality schooling. Our generation has the opportunity to ensure that no child is excluded from learning.
As this report sets out, an ambitious post-2015 global learning goal with a strong focus on the most deprived children will be a crucial part of realizing this vision.

Included in this report are discussions of on-going challenges of education in humanitarian emergencies and climate change (p. 20), growing evidence on the learning crisis (p. 24), and changing patterns in education inequality (p. 26).

To read the full report, please click here.


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