INCLUSIVE EDUCATION -INEE Training Module and more….

Apart from good content on Inclusive Education this module is a good model for supporting facilitation of workshops:

INEE Training Module -Inclusive Education


This is Module 15 of the INEE education in emergencies harmonized training package. It contains a facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint slides for a basic 2-hour workshop, with suggested extension activities for longer workshops.

You can download a Zip file containing the facilitation notes and PowerPoint slides.




and from Save some case studies of Inclusive Education:

Impact on Education
Save the Children


This document contains articles from the a variety of Save the Children’s education programmes in Africa, including articles about: Somaliland, featuring a girl disabled by a landmine who continued her schooling through an alternative basic education programme; non-formal education in LRA-affected areas of northern Uganda; and displaced learners returning to education in Côte d’Ivoire.

Download Impact on Education



And something more while we are talking about Inclusive Education…

Children of Armenia speak out…. About inclusive education and good teachers
World Vision

These 2 posters are a by-product of an evaluation of an inclusive education project carried out in Armenia. During the evaluation, school children offered very useful insights, and rather than these opinions being lost in a formal report that few people would read, they were also turned into posters for use within the schools and for wider advocacy among NGOs, parents, teachers and the government. They have been used to promote both IE and the concept of child voice/child participation. Again, could this be an idea for the Task Team to follow up – i.e. developing advocacy/awareness-raising outputs that specifically feature children’s perspectives on inclusion/exclusion in education in emergencies?

Download poster 1 Children of Armenia speak out… about inclusive education
Download poster 2 Children of Armenia speak out… about good teachers



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