Sustainable Development and Education – new UNICEF paper

The future lies with our children, as our hopes and actions lay the framework for their future. New curricula still seems to have a ‘rear view mirror’ approach  -tending to use historical frameworks rather than reframing with the future in mind. Having worked with students on futures education I know how important it is to prepare young people for a future that we cannot predict by providing opportunities to develop skills of analysis, cooperation, problem solving in a practical and action orientated context. We should hope that the post 2015 international agenda can guide educators towards  more futures orientated education systems.

UNICEF paper: Sustainable development starts and ends with safe, healthy and well-educated children


One year after the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference, a new UNICEF position paper – entitled Sustainable development starts and ends with safe, healthy and well-educated children – places children at the heart of the post-2015 agenda.

The paper outlines how investing in children delivers big pay offs – for them, for their societies, and for the planet. For example, a good quality education has major inter-generational impacts. A well-educated girl is likely to have greater personal earnings potential, be more likely to delay marriage and pregnancy and be more likely to access health service support, leading to lower rates of maternal mortality. Educated women tend to have fewer, healthier and more educated children.

To read the full report, please click here.



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