“Battling” to go to school? Education and conflict….

Many children and young people all over the world find going to school a trial, but for many going to school can mean facing real physical and psychological threats and for some even torture and death. Education and conflict are words that should not go together but the reality is different.

Blog: Malala Day:


Teachers demand action to secure an education for conflict-affected children
By Elin Martinez, Save the Children and Sara Tesorieri, Norwegian Refugee CouncilOn her 16th birthday today, Malala Yousafzai is addressing the United Nations, urging world leaders to recommit to ensuring that all children can exercise their fundamental right to education. Hundreds of young people have arrived in New York to join her in a youth ‘takeover’ of the UN, supported by UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon.
Amidst the many voices of children and young people, teachers have also joined Malala’s call to action. A total of 419 teachers currently teaching in schools set up under our agencies’ EU Children of Peace Initiative projects in North Kivu, DRC and Dollo Ado camp, Ethiopia, have signed a letter urging the European Commission to prioritise education and step up its commitment to funding education for children in crisis situations.

To read the full text and make your comment, please click here.

Policy Paper: Children still battling to go to school


 EFA Global Monitoring Report

The EFA Global Monitoring Report produced a new policy paper updating its calculations on the extent to which conflict is impacting on children’s education around the world, which was released in time for Malala’s 16th birthday.
The key findings in this new paper, Children still battling to go to school, include:1. Any benefits of the slow progress in reducing the number of children out of school has not reached those living in conflict-affected countries:Half of all children out of school – 28.5 million – were living in countries affected by conflict in 2011 – an increase from 42%  in 2008. The majority of these children are girls.
2. 20 million out of school adolescents were living in countries affected by conflict in 2011, of which 11 million are female.3. The share of humanitarian aid to education is not only very small, but has even declined: Education receives only 1.4% of humanitarian aid, a reduction from 2.2% three years ago. In addition, these funds meet only just over a quarter of the amount needed, the largest gap registered for any sector, leaving a funding deficiency of $221 million.To access the paper, please click here. 
For other language version: French and Spanish
To read their recent blog  on this subject, please click here.

Report: Attacks on Education: The impact of conflict and grave violations on children’s futures

Save the ChildrenSave the Children published the new report Attacks on Education: The impact of conflict and grave violations on children’s futures on July 12th, 2013 to mark the 16th Birthday of Malala Yousafzai.
The report examines the different types of attacks on schools, what motivates attacks and their impact on children. Country case studies are included, looking at attacks on education in Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, occupied Palestinian territory and Israel, Pakistan and Syria.This report sets out how education can be better protected from attacks and how the international community can support ways of restoring education when it has been affected by conflict. It makes recommendations to governments, the UN, and humanitarian donors and agencies.To download the report, please click here.


Report: Girls Education Under Attack


Plan UK

Plan UK launched its publication, Girls Education Under Attack, on Malala Day, 12 July 2013. This report describes the increasing risks to girls’ education because of emergencies and conflict and makes recommendations for ensuring no child misses out.
To view the report, please click here.
To read other Malala day resources from Plan UK, please click here.
Want some action?

World’s Women’s Summit Foundation (WWSF) 


WWSF Children – Youth Section
Call to Action 2013 – 19 Days of activism – Prevention of violence against children and youth
1-19 November



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