Changing the World for Girls – podcast


Having worked in Tanzania and discovered threats to teachers who tried to ensure achievement for girls at the primary leaving exam, the UNICEF podcast below is dealing with a very real problem. For poor parents the thought of losing some cows as dowry if the girl child moves on to secondary school is a real dilemma and can mean living in poverty if they allow her to continue studying after puberty. A complex cultural and historical problem – move people out of poverty and perhaps the pressures may lessen…..

Podcast: Changing the World for Girls

 Every year, an estimated 23 million girls under 15 are married worldwide with little or no say in the matter. In a newly launched podcast discussion series together with the United Nations Girls’ Education  Initiative (UNGEI) called “Changing the World for Girls”, Dr. Judith-Ann Walker and Dr. Adefunke Ekine spoke on how to leverage education as a tool to stop child  marriage and fight poverty.

Click to listen now.


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