Result for Learning Report 2013: Facing the Challenges of Data, Financing and Fragility

The Learning Crisis mentioned below is only too obvious. Although many countries have tried hard to get more children into school , the quality of education for many children is woefully inadequate and in some cases abusive of children’s basic rights.

Result for Learning Report 2013: Facing the Challenges of Data, Financing and Fragility

Global Partnership for Education

Education aid to the poorest countries in the world is in sharp decline, threatening to derail progress made over the past decade, says a new report by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The report, entitled Results for Learning 2013: Facing the Challenges of Data, Financing and Fragility was officially launched at an event hosted by the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution.
According to the report, the average primary school completion rate in GPE developing countries rose from 58 percent in 2000 to 75 percent in 2011. The share of out-of-school children declined from 39 percent to 24 percent over the same period. However, the report highlights risks that threaten the progress on global education, including the alarming decrease in external financing for education and the challenges in reaching children in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Another major issue is the lack of data on financing for education and learning outcomes, which is a clear obstacle to setting goals and measuring progress.

”The report shows that we are not on target to reaching universal primary education by 2015,” said Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Partnership for Education. “We are facing a learning crisis in developing countries, and this crisis is aggravated by a sharp decline in international education financing. We need to focus on this crisis if we want to avoid that millions of children are left behind,” she added.

To read the report, please click here.


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