Action for the Rights of Children – new resource pack

Even though the Convention on the Rights of the Child came into force in 1990, anyone watching the news from around the world might question how far some countries have gone in protecting the basic rights of children.



So , more resources on how to interpret and implement the CRC in emergencies as well as ‘everyday’ life is a welcome addition.

Action for the Rights of Children


The ARC Resource Pack contains a critical issue module on Education that serves as a capacity-building tool for child protection in and after emergencies. In this module you can find a PowerPoint Presentation and study materials, including exercises and handouts divided into five topics (1) the issue for children, (2) the law and child rights, (3) assessment and situation analysis, (4) planning and implementation and (5) monitoring, evaluation and learning. In this module, the term education is used to define a lifelong process where individuals continue to learn: they learn how to cope with their immediate environment; how to cope with life’s challenges; how to equip themselves to understand the world around them; and how to access more knowledge, skills and information which may improve their prospects for growth and achievement. There is also an emphasis on understanding the vital need for re-establishing education during and after an emergency so as to minimize the psychological impact of the event and maximizing the opportunity to strengthen pre-existing education structures.

To download the complete Education module, click here, and for additional critical issue modules from the ARC Resource Pack, click here. For resources on child protection in the INEE Toolkit, click here.


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