Out-of-School Children in South Asia Report – only 27 million to go!

We need quality in education but that is no excuse not to offer the opportunities for all children to have an education. We all knew that the 2015 goals would not be achieved because the last millions of disadvantaged, female, children with disabilities and others are likley to be the most difficult to ensure a quality education.

Out-of-School Children in South Asia Report

Today, UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) released a new study revealing that 27 million children ages 5-13 are out of school in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and and Sri Lanka.

Children from rural areas, particularly girls, and from urban slums, ethnic minorities, children with disabilities and child labourers face the greatest risk of being out of school.

The study shows the proportion of out-of-school children who have dropped out from school, who are likely to enroll at a later stage, and who are likely never enroll at all. It also identifies profiles of out-of-school children – information that is crucial in designing and implementing policies that address exclusion from a multi-sectorial perspective.

The Global Out-of-School Children Initiative is instrumental in making a significant and sustainable reduction in the number of children around the world who are out of school.

To read the full report, please click here.


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