Promoting Inclusive Education in Emergencies

From INEE newsletter

Using the 2014 Global Campaign for Education to Promote Inclusive Education in Emergencies
INEE Inclusive Education Task Team

In 2014, GCE’s theme is disability and inclusive education.The aim is to change attitudes towards the inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream education, and stimulate action that delivers quality inclusive education for all (remembering that inclusive approaches to education benefit all children, not just those with disabilities).

The INEE Inclusive Education Task Team has noted, however, that the Campaign materials make limited reference to inclusive education in emergencies and times of fragility. The annual thematic report –“Equal Right. Equal Opportunity. Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities” – features only brief information about inclusive education within conflict situations. We wish to address this, with your help.

To draw attention to its annual thematic message, the GCE has a Global Action Week (4-10 May), during which a wide range of local, national and international activities take place. We would like you to help the INEE Inclusive Education Task Team to make the most of this important opportunity, within the Global Campaign for Education, to draw attention to inclusive education in times of emergency, conflict and fragility.

Click to find out more about the 2014 Global Campaign for Education. Click to find out more aboutinclusive education in emergencies. Contact the INEE Inclusive Education Task Team convenor

An information sheet is available from the INEE Inclusive Education Task Team  (download this document in PDF or Word)


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