Day of the African Child

On the Day of the African Child, two new reports spotlight out-of-school children in Africa
UNICEF Education

The Day of the African Child is celebrated on June 16th to commemorate the day when, in 1976, thousands of black school children in Soweto, South Africa, took to the streets to protest the inferior quality of their education and to demand their right to be taught in their own language.

On this occasion, the Global Out-of-School Children Initiative, a partnership between UNICEF and UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics (UIS), just launched two new regional studies (East and Southern Africa and West and Central Africa) on out-of-school children.

The reports provide profiles of out-of-school children and showcase a series of country case studies to better identify the ways in which poverty, location and social norms can act as barriers to education. By presenting a range of data, the reports propose a series of recommendations to overcome the most pervasive sources of inequality and reach the most marginalized children.

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Information and resources from HREA (Human Rights Education Association)

Selected learning materials

Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation
One of four modules developed by the Child Labor Research Initiative of the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (Iowa, USA), this module contains four highly flexible and adaptable lesson plans appropriate for high school students. Teachers can teach a lesson within 1-2 class periods to introduce the subject or fully integrate the materials into the classroom throughout the year.

Our Homes, Our Lives, Ourselves: A Fun Book to Help Young People Get the Issues Right Concerning Women in Human Settlements Development
A booklet intended to help teenagers get an idea what it is like to be a woman. They do this by reading, thinking and investigating the role of women in various ways. The booklet includes a board game (‘The Game of Life’) and sections on finance, land, information, networking, and the environment.

Siniko. Towards a Human Rights Culture in Africa: A manual for teaching human rights (Amnesty International)
This manual is for teachers and educators in Africa who work with young people both in formal and non-formal education.

Study Guide on the Rights of Children & Youth
This guide introduces the main issues, international standards and protection mechanisms to protect and promote the human rights of children and youth.

International treaties on children’s rights:

Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

Simplified version of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (1999)
Useful links

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)

Commemoration of the Day of the African Child 2013 (African Union)

Day of the African Child (organisation)

Millennium Campaign

Right to Education Project



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