Ending the military use of schools….

From the INEE newsletter and linked to the last post on protecting education from attack

Norway: Leading Way to End Military Use of Schools
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On June 13, the Norwegian Government released a white paper on global education, announcing its support to education in crisis and conflict. The key priorities listed in the white paper include: disaster risk reduction in the education sector, protecting schools in countries affected by armed conflict, and promoting the goal of reaching 4% of global humanitarian aid to education.

Norway has proposed leading a process to finalize what are currently known as the Draft Lucens Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use. The Guidelines urge parties to armed conflict not to use schools and universities for any purpose in support of the military effort. All parties to armed conflict should endeavor to avoid impinging on students’ safety and education.

“Norway’s commitment to championing the Guidelines represents a milestone in the journey towards securing safe learning environments for all students, including those most at risk of being denied their right to education: children and young people living in war zones across our globe,” said Diya Nijhowne, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack Director.

Click to read the white paper (only in Norwegian at this time) and to find out more about Norway’s leading role on implementing international standards for protection of schools.


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