A World At School ?

MDGs have had some good and press lately as the new international goals are being debated. What is clear is that more children are in school, yet the quality of their education,in many cases has not improved. At present there is still a big push for getting more children in school (see below) but we hope that this push does not get in the way of improving quality.

#Education Countdown
A World At School

World leaders made a promise that every child would be in school and learning by 2015. Great progress has been made but 58 million children around the world are still being denied this basic right. August 18th will mark 500 days until the end of the 2015 and the MDG deadline of universal education. On that day A World at School will be launching the #EducationCountdown. At this crucial time the #EducationCountdown brings together NGOs, civil society, teachers, youth, faith based organizations and the business community in a global movement to marshal the political will and financing needed to achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 2 of universal education. Every 100 days the #EducationCountdown will address key barriers to learning for all children and deliver results against collective milestones and targets developed in consultation with key stakeholders throughout the campaign.

To learn more about the education campaign, click here.


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