Professional Development for Teachers

INEE has produced a new publication, Where It’s Needed Most: Quality Professional Development for All Teachers, edited by Mary Burns and James Lawrie.

Some of you may have been party to the early development through input to the INEE hosted online forum.

The publication highlights the need to improve the planning, implementation, andsustainability of teacher professional development in crisis situations. This particular topic remains under-theorized and under-researched, further perpetuating the cycle of poor teacher professional development and, consequently, poor overall education delivery in humanitarian and development contexts. This guide aims to redress this omission by outlining a set of good practices in high-quality professional development for teachers who work in such contexts.

The publication draws upon the rich information produced by the INEE-hosted online forum Teacher Professional Development in Crisis and accompanies the annotated bibliography on the same topic.

Low cost but frequent and continuous school based  professional development is critical for those developing countries (too many unfortunately) who have increased enrolment but not increased appropriate professional development opportunities to cope with larger classes, few resources and increased accountability for results. Although the paper above is dealing with crisis situations, there are many relevant approaches which can be applied to most situations.


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