A world at school – but what about quality?

A World at School


Countries are dangerously far off track. Only TWO countries out of the 29 with half a million or more out-of-school children are close to getting every girl and boy into school by the end of the year, and only with support, according to a shocking new report by the global education initiative A World at School. With only nine months to go before the deadline set by the United Nations, urgent action is now needed to develop strong strategies and increase spending on education.

To download the full report, click here.


Of course we should be concerned about the number of children not accessing education – but what happens when they get to school? What happens to girls who are abused/threatened as they walk to school? What happens to the limited learning that may go on when they arrive at school?

Access without quality is still the major concern for educators. We can get people on the moon, we can design powerful weapons but we cannot offer all our children opportunities to learn cooperatively with others.

If is just access that is the problem – what are we doing to solve the underlying issues that prevent many children from attending school  -poverty and discrimination, just to mention two.

And when they arrive in school  – what are we doing to ensure that children are learning what is relevant and appropriate and allows them some dignity when they do not ‘perform’?

We still look at schooling as education -there is far more to education for the future than just getting children into school.

Education crisis? What crisis? It should not be just about getting more into school…..

Video: Drawing a Solution to the World’s Learning Crisis

121 million children and adolescents are out of school around the world. How can we change this picture? Watch this unique video produced by UNICEF to learn of possible solutions.

To watch the full video, click here.


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