A lesson in War

Of course, we do not subscribe to wars of any sort, but if it happens, at least have some ‘rules’ to protect children in both hospitals and schools. Here is an article promoted through the INEE newsletter:

Lessons in War 2015 Military Use of Schools and Universities During Armed Conflict

States should act to deter the military use of schools and universities, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) in a study released today. The use of schools and universities for military purposes during conflict by armed forces and non-state armed groups endangers students and their education.

GCPEA called on governments to join a “Safe Schools Declaration” that will be finalized by states at an inter-governmental conference in Oslo, Norway, on May 28-29. The Declaration will represent a political commitment to improve the protection of education during conflict, including by implementing the Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict. States should follow the lead of countries that have been impacted by war, such as Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Liberia, and Palestine, which have already expressed their intention to join and support the Declaration.

The 92-page study, “Lessons in War 2015: Military Use of Schools and Universities during Armed Conflict” documents how in the majority of conflicts around the world, schools and universities are converted into barracks, logistics bases, operational headquarters, weapons and ammunition caches, detention and interrogation centers, firing and observation positions, and recruitment grounds.

To read the full study, click here.


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