Quality learning begins with teachers….

Even though we may still not have full agreement on what constitutes quality in education, we know that a skilled teacher , who is committed to all children learning well, no matter what their background or staring point may be, will be a treasure in any community.

Quality learning begins with teachers
Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education

The new post-2015 education agenda should challenge us to accept that no goal can be considered met, until it is met for all. Inequity, discrimination and barriers to education must be eliminated. Achieving equity in education will require a focus on access and learning outcomes, aimed at the hardest to reach children. This goal is about quality, and the quality of an education system cannot rise above the quality of the teachers that stand in the classroom.

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and considering professional development for teachers:

4 Barriers to teachers’ professional development in fragile contexts
Mary Burns, senior technology specialist and professional development specialist, Education Development Center (EDC)

Teachers in fragile and crisis contexts face enormous barriers to quality professional development. This is not news to most readers. But what are these barriers and how can we begin to address or reverse engineer professional development? This post outlines some of these obstacles. Most of the information in this post is taken from research and from the discussions that informed the publication of the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) guide, Where it’s needed most: Quality professional development for all teachers.
Of course we want quality PD -but in many rural areas there may be no professional development, at all, unless teachers sign up for further study for promotion purposes.
What is needed is school based professional development facilitated by an experienced teacher, who has status in the school and is provided time to observe and  mentor fellow teachers.Reflective teaching approaches should be normal rather than rare.

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